WAZOO Dating Tips


Many people assume that because of new technology and the thousands of dating apps out there that finding love in 2017 is easier than ever before. However, the many new dating options can be overwhelming as people have no idea where to start or even which apps to use.� Wazoo is an online tool that simplifies dating for those who want to find love. By completing a simple questionnaire, you are matched with the dating sites that will give you the best chances of finding the partner you are looking for

Dating Tips

Not only does Wazoo serve to connect you with the best dating sites, we also want to simplify the confusing and complex world of online dating and make your use of dating sites efficient and effective, starting with the extremely important profile picture. Almost every dating site will require you to post a profile picture so people can see what you look like.� Treat posting your profile picture as though it were your first meeting with a potential partner! In this fast-paced world many people will make assumptions about you based on your profile picture and they won't even bother to read more about you if they do not like your photo.� Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words- you want all of those words to be positive!

Here are Wazoo's expert tips on how to ensure your profile picture stands above the rest.

  1. Showing cleavage
  2. It's no secret that showing cleavage is an incredibly popular tactic for women to use in order to amp up the number of messages they receive. However, when it comes to online dating, it's more about quality than quantity. While it is true that showing some skin might get you a fuller inbox, messages like "Nice honkers" won't exactly lead you anywhere.

    A study conducted by OkCupid showed that women who showed their breasts in their online dating profile pictures received half as many messages that turned into actual conversations as women who were shown doing something interesting. The bottom line is, if you're looking for a serious relationship and not just a quick hook up, use pictures of yourself showing your interests and personality that will attract like-minded people.

  3. Not smiling
  4. Non-smiling pictures are risky because they can be interpreted in many ways. While some people who don't smile may look cool or mysterious, you could be perceived as being judgmental, overly serious or angry.

  5. Shirtless pics of men
  6. Avoid taking pictures of yourself shirtless in your bedroom. The reality is that women – especially when dating online – constantly have to watch out for potential danger. So, you want to make sure you look safe and nonthreatening.

  7. Dimly lit environments
  8. Take your profile picture in a well-lit setting to portray openness and trustworthiness.

  9. Attempting to alter your appearance
  10. People generally like to see full body shots just to make sure that the person they're interested in isn't hiding anything. Make sure your pictures look like you. Don't try to hide some extra pounds or any other attributes you consider unflattering. One of the things people loathe most about online dating is when the person they've been talking misrepresents his or her appearance. Don't start off a relationship with deceit; it will never work. Be as accurate as possible in your photos and be confident!

  11. Group shots
  12. Try to avoid using group shots for you profile picture. People looking at your profile will have a hard time identifying you from the crowd, especially if they're the only kind of photos you have up. Your profile should be all about you, not your friends or family.

  13. Braggy behavior
  14. Online dating is all about showcasing your best qualities. However, avoid posting too much about your material possessions or physical attributes. While you may think that posing shirtless with your six-pack leaning against your brand new car in front of your condo will impress potential partners, in most cases all  it does is convey the message that you are conceited.